About Mississippi Honors

Established by Our Mississippi Magazine, the Mississippi Honors Award Program gives us an opportunity to celebrate those Mississippi corporations that take diversity seriously. It is something that makes for a better Mississippi and there are many Mississippi entities that believe and practice that.

Our Goal

To be the premier corporate event in the state. We want to urge all businesses to take diversity seriously and this event helps us with that.

"At Entergy, we embrace and encourage a diverse workforce. We truly believe that the more diversity we have among our employees, the more voices we have working on a problem; the better ideas we have and decisions we make. A diverse workforce reflects the diversity of our customers, which helps us provide a better experience and the best service possible."

Haley Fisackerly President and CEO, Entergy Mississippi, Inc. (2014 MS Honors Gala)

We would like to thank our supporters...

  • Mississippi Development Authority
  • Community Development Foundation
  • Minority PUL Alliance
  • Mississippi Minority Business Alliance